Where and Why to Use 3-Panel Triptychs in Wall Art Décor

Where and Why to Use 3-Panel Triptychs in Wall Art Décor

Decorating with Abstract Triptych Wall Art Prints

What is a Triptych

Triptych artwork is a piece of artwork that is divided into three separate sections. Triptych pieces may be three independent images of the same theme. It is also possible for triptych artwork to be one image or painting broken into three parts.

All three pieces of artwork do not have to be the exact same size as some triptych pieces are found with a larger centerpiece spaced in between two narrower works of art.

Why Use a 3-Panel Triptych

If you’re looking for an easy way create flow within a space, adding a set of triptych artwork is the way to do so. It is essential to create flow in hallways, or in rooms that are narrow. By separating the artwork into three individual pieces it allows the viewer to read it as a story due to the fact that the artwork has a beginning, middle, and end. They may show progress, decline, development, or progress.

Triptych artwork is a great way to save money when purchasing artwork. Storage, transport, and display are also made easier when large pieces are broken into three pieces instead of one. By choosing a triptych piece of art you are able to avoid the cost of framing- framed artwork is generally much more expensive in larger sizes, so triptych artwork allows for the same piece to be hung at a fraction of the cost.

Impressionist wall art painting divided into a 3-panel triptych

Where to Use 3-Panel Triptych Wall Art

Triptych artwork creates the essence of enlarged space in smaller sized rooms. Medium to large sized triptychs are used by expert interior designers to make small rooms feel larger overall. By creating a focal point for the room, triptychs are great for setting a mood for the space.

The individual pieces are hung proportionately, and are found in small and large scales. Usually triptych pieces are hung vertically, and read from side to side.

3-Panel Triptych Art Makes Room Appear Larger

Whether your style is modern, abstract, or even minimalist triptych artwork is a bold and captivating way to decorate your space. You are able to create flow with more than one piece of artwork. Triptychs create a mood, and tell a story all within the same piece of art. Save money on large pieces of artwork by choosing to decorate with triptychs. Here at www.walldecorgalore.com you can find the perfect artwork that suits your style, size, and color preference. If triptych artwork is not your presence, shop 300 million works of art by over 1 million artists from around the world, and create the optimal space at an affordable price.