2021 Interior Design Trends Based on Style and Color

2021 Interior Design Trends Based on Style and Color

This is the time of the year when everyone is looking towards the New Year with positive hopes and a fresh outlook on life. Though there is no guarantee that 2021 will be COVID-free, it is good to look at the bright side of things. Since we are still spending most of our time at home, why not look for new interior design trends to introduce to your space in 2021?


Interior design trends for 2021 are all about sustainability and well-being. From elegant soft pastel tones to serene blues/greys, the upcoming trends aim to add more cheerfulness to your home. Below are the top interior design trends based on color and style you can consider for your 2021 interior design project!




White With Black Never Fails

A bedroom designed in black and white with some color accents is a minimalist, simple and smart way to decorate. Working with this classic backdrop allows you to change the color theme of your room by adding decorative accents. You don’t have to worry about repainting the walls if you want to change the room’s color. Rotate wall art prints or change up your throw pillows to give the space a fresh look whenever it pleases you! It is also much easier to select wall art when the walls are neutral whites and greys. No need to worry about


Soft Shades Will Gain Momentum

When it comes to colors, soft and faint shades of peach, pistachio and light pink will offer an excellent backup for natural, organic materials selection. From golden pink shades of desert lands to burnt orange shades. Sunrise photography offers these soothing colors so browse some wall art prints that brings the beauty of nature inside your home!

Naval Color Trend


Navy blue is a timeless color that is gaining huge popularity nowadays. This deep shade evokes a sense of confidence. And mixing this timeless shade with natural textures and materials brings it into a new era. Introduce this color with a navy blue wall art print, a curtain or throw rug. It is a perfect color choice for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.


Airy Blue Tone


Beautiful greens, grays and blues offers a sense of tranquillity. With this color pallet you can create a cozy environment and turn your home into an inviting place to revitalize yourself. These colors are inspired by nature’s oceans and skies and offer a feeling of joy and happiness for all senses. Introduce airy blue tones into your space with coastal art decor.

Urbane Bronze: Sherwin Williams Color of The Year

Sherwin Williams has chosen Urbane Bronze as the color of the year 2021. The color marketing director, Sue Wadden says, “The home is an ultimate retreat from the world and color is an easy, effective way to create a personal haven.’’ This warm, sophisticated color inspires everyone to find a sanctuary in any space. With its tie to the natural world, this rich shade grounds the mind in calmness and stability.


Japanese and Nordic Mix

The Japanese and Scandinavian style is simple and minimalist, yet functional. In this interior style, the white color natural wood, environments, and all materials with great influence of the Japanese and Nordic designers. The furniture design containing pure lines is a combination of traditional and modern style that always prioritizes functionality. The white foam waves’ peaks and grey-blue hues of the sea are the best colors that feature the Scandinavian landscape. These colors will turn your home into a place where you like to visit to take in the tranquility of nature.

The Moody Mineral Trend

The moody mineral shades trend is yet another trend inspired by earth and mother nature. A hint of metallic complements the fabric that embraces gleaming surfaces found in the minerals.


These metallics further complement the marble-effect velvets and showcase a spectrum of colors that seems appealing. Combining the moody mineral shades with metallic highlights create an exceptionally comfortable space, offering an easy living feel to any home.

Sustainable Modern Interior Designs

The latest interior design trends determine a new age in the development of sustainable design pieces. Reused materials, bioplastics and low impact pieces will be a fantastic design trend in the upcoming year. Clean and clear spaces are becoming more and more desirable for all the decor and environmental enthusiasts out there. This new trend uses furniture, materials, and accessories that represent a healthy world and home.


Bringing Nature To Home

The decor trend of bringing nature into the homes is going to explode in the new year. Nature along with organic materials decorated to remind people of the exterior life creates beautiful, mixed interior designs with nature.While houseplants fell out of fashion in the 90s – they are back. Not only do they bring color to your homes, but they also filter air pollutants and release oxygen. From hanging creepers to beautiful blooms, you are sure to find a plant to suit your space and style.

Vintage Never Goes Out Of Style

Be it antique, salvaged or retro pieces – all have a significant place in the vintage scheme. The key is to reproduce the look with strong colors, your favorite pieces and a simple-yet-vibrant approach. Or create a vintage-style scheme. Since such kind of look requires layering, you should choose pieces that mean something to you. Besides, you can add rich fabric and statement lighting to give a modern touch.


The Tapestry Trend

The latest tapestry trend consists of bright colors that are sure to lighten up your space. You can add your own touch to those areas where you have been since quarantine. Some of the colors included in this list are Aleutian, Embellished blue, Jovial, Tricorn black, and many more. You can choose any color to change the appearance and feel of the space.


Wrapping Up

The upcoming color & design trends listed above will freshen up the look of the space where you revitalize yourself – the space where you find refuge – the space you call home.